Planting Beds

Having trouble keeping your gardens neat and tidy? Tired of spending hours upon hours weeding, only to have them reappear the next week? Look no further! Eden farms offers both edging and weed control to help you keep your planting beds in pristine condition.

Weed Control

We also offer both pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides that are used to control weed growth in planting beds. This service includes weeds and grasses growing through the cracks of curbs and parking areas. The areas behind air conditioners will be sprayed with Round-Up to control weed and grass growth.



We offer deep spade edging twice per season. The first occasion is in April or May, and the second is in July or August. This process will provide a clean neat edge to all planting beds all season long. All debris generated by this process will also be removed by Eden Farms.